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Why Use a Digital Consultant?

Imagine having a Professional Analyst on your team without the cost of a full time employee! Someone tuned into your Dealership, who understands your unique needs and is focused on what’s best for you.  Not all Dealerships have the time or staff to dedicate to measuring, monitoring and managing their data or digital success…. but all Dealerships need to be monitoring it to remain cost effective and competitive  to  insure maximum profitability. 


That’s what we do!


With over 25 years of experience facilitating business success through leadership, professional, and organizational development.  Leadership Development Group, Inc has established a knowledge base working with hundreds of Automotive Dealerships.  

We’ve discovered one very important and overwhelming challenge dealerships face - “DATA” OVERLOAD!  Over 95% of successful sales begin with the consumer researching on the Internet. Both Ford and General Motors have the largest databases in the World. The amount of data available has become overwhelming!  Important customer data is available to the Dealership from the OEM database, Third Party Vendors, and through their Websites… but who is monitoring the data?  This information is typically scattered throughout the Dealership with various employees having a piece of the puzzle… but no one has the full picture and growth potential throughout the dealership is being missed! We bring the pieces together and, partner with you to create and launch concise, direct, dealer-focused actions plans that can be measured and monitored for success.  We put "YOU" in the driver seat!



· What marketing strategies are performing as expected?

· Are Vendors providing support and results?

· Which ones are not?

· How do you know?

· Which are duplications of cost & effort?

· Who monitors the Analytics and Performance?

                                                     DIGITAL HEALTH CHECK

Digital Solutions: Services

We offer an inexpensive Digital Health Check for your Dealership which is a quick look at your current Digital footprint.  This includes:


Review of the Website

· Layout 

· Usability

· Active Links

Performance Review

· Analytical Data

· Do the Website and 3rd Party Vendors Perform as expected?

· My GM Rewards Review

· GM Programs Review


Digital Traffic Mapping

· Check SEO & SEM Results

· How Relevant is the Traffic

CRM & BDC Review

· Identify Opportunities

· Review Digital Lead Response

· Phone Handling and Nurturing  Process

· Monitor Conversion Rates to Sales


Recommended Action Plan

· Identify Opportunities

· Who is going to do What by When

· No additional investment or software required

Hear how we achieved over 65 goals and saved a dealership over $30,000 per year by "Clicking on the Link below "  to watch a Ford Podcast with Bill McLaughlin of McLaughlin Motors in Sumter, South Carolina using virtual coaching on the Zoom platform.

      “Like what you see?”


Our Goal is to surprise & delight with solid "RESULTS!"

For more information on Leadership Development Group, Inc. and our services, please click on Get in Touch below

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