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Exceeding Expectations


To view recent results received from the virtual platform shared on a Ford Podcast by Bill McLaughlin owner of McLaughlin Motors please click on the following URL to view... and "you too" can get your organization back in the game.




Is the Road Map to Success!

Consider Strategic Planning to be the same as going through the exercise of putting a puzzle together. You'll have many pieces that will fit together to form the end result, the Strategic Plan. The end result will come into clarity with each piece of the puzzle as it is put in place.

We begin by communicating to each participant the history of the organization, how it evolved and where it is going. The next few pieces of the puzzle involve you. Every individual works in an organization for three very important reasons… self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction and affiliation. It is imperative that these elements be satisfied. Through helping the individual satisfy these needs the organization will benefit through attracting and retaining good employees.

Does the organization have shared Values, a Vision, Purpose and Mission?  When were they last updated?  Is it posted every where in your business?  Do you have an agreed upon set of Goals for the organizations that describes "WHO" is going to do "WHAT" by "WHEN" & "HOW" to monitor the plan!

 Leadership Development Group, Inc. can facilitate your Strategic Plan onsite or by planning a Retreat off premises. 


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Develop the whole Leadership Team at the same time or One on One Coaching

Typically done Once a Week Virtually or on your Premises for on the Job Application and Customization


Full & Half Day Workshops on Skills Training Onsite

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  • Team Building

  • Selling Skills 

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Communications skills

  • Time Management

  • Supervisory Skills

  • Motivating the Employee

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Formula for Success

  • Mastering Productivity

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What magnetic characteristics do individuals possess that uniquely attract others to follow and serve them willingly, passionately, and with commitment?  The answer is they possess the unique qualities of 'Leadership'.  Individuals who possessed these unique qualities of 'Leadership' have shaped the destiny of our World, nations, communities, and organizations.  People throughout history have followed famous leaders with great intentions and goals and... infamous leaders with less than admirable intentions and goals.  These leaders, in both cases, were able to not only convince those followers to pursue their vision, but in many cases, the follower made the ultimate commitment and sacrificed their life in the pursuit of that vision.  How can one person exert that kind of passion and loyalty in another human being?  The answer lies within the unique characteristics of 'Leadership'. 

The Unique characteristics of 'Leadership' are:

  • To exude confidence, trust, and honesty.

  • To create a culture with shared values and loyalty.

  • The ability to build a vision, mission, and principles people are willing and able to follow.

  • The ability to clearly communicate goals to others.

  • The ability to motivate themselves and others to achieve the common goals for success.

  • The ability to be organized and organize others.

  • The ability to take risks and learn from mistakes.

  • To accept responsibility for the performance of others.

  • The ability to be patient with progress and to recognize and celebrate success.

  • The ability to build 'Leadership' within their organization.

  • A passion for something greater than themselves.

​A leader is an  individual who seems to have a magnetic force that everyone not only admires, but also would like to develop for themselves.  It's in our nature, as human beings, to become more... and to be more in life; to give back to our families, community, and the planet.  The good news is that each and every individual on earth possesses the ability to become such a leader.  Each and every one of us  was created with unlimited potential.  No one knows what your potential is... not even you.  You have not done your best yet... and every time you better your best... you have an opportunity to do better once again.  The only limitations you have are self-imposed. 


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