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Covid - 19 Responsible

COVID - 19... Our #1 Priority is the Health and Safety of our Employees, Customers, and Partners.

With the continued spread of the new Caronavirus (Covid - 19), our number one priority is the health and safety of our Employees, Customers, and Partners.  Our facilities and faculty are 100% operational and have long prepared for the possibility of such an event or pandemic written into our business continuity plan to ensure we can maintain the service level that everyone expects and deserves while maintaining the health and safety for all that interact with us.

We are closely monitoring all current restrictions placed Federally, by State, and each Community.  We are closely following the recommendations of global and local health authorities in all regions we operate.  We will continue to provide updates as situations change based on those resources.  

In order to provide a continuity of our services, we are offering our programs, workshops, and Coaching through the Virtual Zoom platform. This is the safest environment for your employees and our staff to prevent the spread of the virus.  Each participant is sent a Zoom invitation individually to join a meeting where they are able to interact with the Coach, each other, and still see and observe the information delivered.  Whether they are at their desk in an office environment, at home, or even sequestered in a remote location they are able lo listen, participate and learn while easily social distancing.  We record each meeting and send it out after each meeting for anyone unable to attend or would like to review the meeting again.  This is the new reality for developing your team and we are here to support and provide the medium to help make that happen.

To view recent results received from the virtual platform shared on a Ford Podcast by Bill McLaughlin owner of McLaughlin Motors please click on the following URL to view... and "you too" can get your organization back in the game.



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