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An Experienced Automotive Professional

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A History of Success!

Ron Schneider is President of Leadership Development Group, Inc.  Ron has been in the Performance Improvement Business for 25+ years.  He has spent the last 15 years servicing over 200+ Ford and General Motors Dealerships in seven states as a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, a Loyalty Specialist, and a Digital Consultant.  He has worked with Dealer Principles and employees in every Department of a Dealership to increase sales and customer satisfaction, update their facilities, encourage team work, and help Dealerships become more profitable.  He has helped Leadership Teams develop Strategic Plans, facilitated team building, implemented Sales Skills, delivered Customer Service Skills, developed Business Development Centers, helped develop Dealership Web presence, Social media campaigns, implement Search Engine Optimization, and cut 3rd party vendor costs and duplication of effort.   Ron has assembled a group of automotive experts, facilitators, consultants, trainers, and staff to assist your organization in reaching their next level of success!

Put Ron and his Team on your Team!

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